I. Time and scorer:  The timer must be an adult.  The scorer may be a student.

II. Starting times:  Frosh/Soph games start at 4:00 p.m. JV games are to start at 5:30 p.m.  Varsity games are to begin 7:00 p.m. or fifteen minutes after the end of the JV game. 

III. Officials:  Games other than varsity will be played with one official of only one shows up.  Refer to TVL Constitution-General Policies #18

IV. Warm Up:  Any practice preceding a contest is to terminate twenty (20) minutes before the contest to allow for pre-game warm up.

V. Home team shall provide warm up basketballs for the boy’s games

VI. Official Basketball:  A CIF approved basketball must be used.

VII. Awards:  Refer to TVL Constitution—Financial Section-III Awards.

VIII. Half Time Shooting:  There will be no shooting by spectators during half time.  Only players participating in the current game may shoot.

IX. Basketball Mercy Rule: Frosh/Soph, JV, and Varsity boys and girls: If one team leads by 40 or more points at any point in the game, there will be a “running clock”. The clock will continue to be a “running clock” throughout the remainder of the game.

X. League teams shall participate as per Sac Joaquin Section Bylaws:
Article 5. General Rules   504 Season of Sport
"Limited Period" dates vary from year to year.

XI. All League selection process for Boys Basketball:
    A. All League meeting date is usually one week following the last league game.  Location to be determined by Basketball Rep.
    B.  There is no limit on the number of nominees from each school.
    C. Coaches are to fax nominee(s) with stats to each coach in the league for review 3 days prior to the meeting.  Rep will send out nomination forms with fax numbers for each coach.
    Voting Procedures:  12 awards (Most Valuable Player, Most Outstanding Player, 10 All League Selections)
        1. MVP selected by the league champion. Most Outstanding Player: Top vote recipient from the all league votes.
        2. Selection of the top 11:  Each school votes for the candidates awarding eleven (11) points, to the one they consider the best; 10 for the next, etc.
        3. Point totals are tallied, putting the players in order.  The athletes with the highest eleven point totals are selected All League.  The highest point total will be awarded the MOP award and the other ten will be All League.
        4. Each subsequent nominee who receives at least one vote is selected to the honorable mention list.
        5. Schools may not vote for their own players.
           Coach of the Year:  The Coach of the Year is voted by secret ballot.
XII. TVL basketball tie breaker procedure to determine seeding order to playoffs:
     1. The greatest number of wins within the tie. (head to head)
     2. The greatest number of wins versus teams finishing above the tie.
     3. The greatest number of wins versus the teams finishing below the tie.
     4. Use the MaxPreps team ranking.
     5. If a tie still exists, the commissioner shall break the tie with a coin flip.

XIII.  Parents?Seniors may be recognized before warm ups for a game.

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