Trans Valley League

Article I Name and Purpose

    Sec. 1. The name of the league will be the "Trans Valley League."

    Sec. 2. The purpose of this organization is to enable member schools to more efficiently adhere to the rules of eligibility, sportsmanship and competition and to enable membership to have the satisfactory means for arranging schedules for competition.

Article II Membership

    Sec. 1. Membership in this league will consist of the area secondary schools assigned by the Board Of Managers of the Sac Joaquin Section of the California Interscholastic Federation.

    Sec. 2. Application for membership in this league will be in writing addressed to the Secretary of the Sac Joaquin Section of the CIF who will present it for consideration to the realignment committee.

Article III Government and Organization

    Sec. 1. Organization: The governing board of this league will be an Executive Board consisting of a Principal and Athletic Director of each school.  One of these delegates will be the Principal.  Voting will be by school with one vote per school.

    Sec. 2. Qualifications of Members: The Executive Board will be the judge of the qualifications of its own members, provided however, that no member will be expelled from the Board without a due hearing and without the assent of at least two thirds of the entire membership of the Board.

    Sec. 3. Names of Officers: The Executive Board will elect a President School, a President elect, a representative to the Board of Managers and such other officers as it sees fit.  A Commissioner will be hired to act as treasurer and secretary.  The Principal of the President School will be President of the Executive Board.

    Sec. 4. Election: The officers named above will be selected on a rotational basis. (see Guidelines)

    Sec. 5. Terms: Officers will serve two years or until their successors are duly elected.  Rotation of League President is Ripon 2022-24, Modesto Christian 2024-26, Hughson 2026-28, Riverbank 2028-2030, Livingston 2030-32, Hilmar 2032-34, Escalon 2034-36.

    Sec. 6. Duties of Officers and Commissioner:

                A. The President will perform the duties commonly assigned to him/her under parliamentary law as given in "Robert's Rules of Order" and will appoint all committees.  He/she will also act as parliamentarian for the league and will be responsible for distributing an updated, accurate copy of the TVL Bylaws and Constitution at the last TVL meeting each year.  He/she will send out a notice and agenda for league meetings to all league members.

                B. The President elect will exercise the power and perform the duties of the President in the President's absence or any other disqualification.

                C. The Commissioner will:
                   a. Record and distribute minutes of league meetings.
                   b. Be responsible, with the league president, for the budgetary operations of the Trans Valley League.    
                   c. Present a financial report at each league meeting and be the custodian of all moneys belonging to the league.  The Commissioner will deposit all moneys in a Commercial or Savings Bank, and read a written report of receipts and payments at each meeting of the Executive Board.  All bills of this league will be paid by check, signed by the Commissioner.  The Commissioner must always be prepared to open his/her books for examination by any delegate of the League.  Dues may be waived based on a decision of the Executive Board.
                   d. Present at the last meeting of the year an itemized account of the expenditures necessary to conduct the league business.
                   e. Work with the league sport representatives to draw up league schedules to be presented to the Executive Board for approval at the first league meeting two weeks after the last league contest of each sport season.
                   f. Serve as a resource person for the interpretation of the league's Constitution and Bylaws.
                   g. Keep the Constitution and Bylaws updated and distributed to each league member.  The original and new versions are to be distributed for the second meeting approval.
                   h. Attend (with the league representative) Sac Joaquin Section CIF meetings.
                   i. Order and distribute all league awards.
                   j. Serve as a resource for league meets, league tournaments and playoffs. (Work with meet directors)
                   k. Keep a record of all games and competitions held in the league and officially report a record of all league scheduled games and winners to the Secretary of the Sac Joaquin Section along with any other necessary league reports required by the CIF Commissioner.
                   l. The Commissioner will keep a file and record of all items relevant to league operations; minutes, league meet rotations, records, correspondence, protests, appeals, called for by this Constitution.
                   m. The Commissioner's position and job performance will be evaluated each year by the Executive Board.
                D. Other officers and committees will perform duties assigned to them by the Executive Board or by the President.

Article IV Meetings and Quorum

    Sec. 1. A schedule of meetings for the year will be established by the first meeting of the year.  Special meetings may be called by the President at his/her discretion and notification will be sent out by the Commissioner not later than five( 5) days prior to the meeting.

Article V Finances
    Sec. 1. Dues: To be a member in good standing of the Trans Valley League, a school must:                                    
              (a) have paid its annual assessment to the Sac Joaquin Section of the CIF.
                (b) have paid its league dues as established annually at the fall meeting of the league.     
    Sec. 2. Dues may be waived based on a decision of the Executive Board.

Article VI Registration of Competitors

    Sec. 1. Competitors in any sport held in this league must comply with the eligibility rules of the Sac Joaquin Section of the CIF and must be registered for that year in the CIF, Sac Joaquin Section.

Article VII Conditions to be Fulfilled at Time of Contest

    Sec. 1. Competitors must be registered as indicated in Article VI and be eligible under CIF rules and regulations.
    Sec. 2. Competitors must meet individual school standards in deportment and eligibility.
    Sec. 3. Competitors must be accompanied by an employee of the school who has been delegated to have complete charge of the team/individual, and who has responsibility for their conduct.

Article VIII Penalties

    Sec. 1. The Executive Board may institute penalties for infractions of the provisions of this Constitution by a two thirds vote of its membership.

Article IX Protests

Sec. 1. Only such matters that the representatives of contesting schools cannot settle by mutual agreement may come before this committee.

    Sec. 2. All protests must be in writing signed by the principal of the protesting school; must bear a postmark not later than seventy-two (72) hours after the date of the contest concerned; and must be addressed to the President of the League.
    Sec. 3. No protest may be made upon the decisions of the referees or other game officials in regard to facts or interpretations of the rules of the game except in the event of a clear misrepresentation of the intent of the rule.  The game official will be the supreme authority on the field of play in so far as the contest is concerned.

    Sec. 4. All of the following protests concerning the eligibility of a player, the qualifications of officials, the peculiarities of ground or places for holding contest, or the equipment or furnishings used in contests, or any other fact which reasonable observations should discover, will not be considered by the committee unless a statement has been made by the administrator or coach to the game official.  All such defects are to be called to the attention of the official at the time or before the starting time of the contest.

    Sec. 5. In the event of a protest being filed and accepted, notice will be given by the Protest Committee Chairperson to all parties concerned at least three days before the hearing of a protest, stating the time and place that the case will be heard.

    Sec. 6. Protest Committee Formation: The “Rotation of League President” shall be used.  The committee Chairperson shall be the League President or next available principal not involved in the protest or ejection. The Committee shall be formed by the Committee Chairperson and made up of Executive Board Members not involved, recruited in order of the “Rotation of League President,” approaching principals first, then athletic directors.  At least three members are necessary for a quorum.  The Committee Chairperson shall determine the time and place of the meeting.  Rotation of League President Ripon 2022-24, Modesto Christian 2024-26, Hughson 2026-28, Riverbank 2028-2030, Livingston 2030-32, Hilmar 2032-34, Escalon 2034-36.

Article X Special Recognition Reservation by Sac Joaquin Section of the CIF

    Sec. 1. This league is an integral part of the Sac Joaquin Section of the CIF.  As such, in all matters not specifically herein set forth, it declares itself to be governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Sac Joaquin Section of the CIF and will pass no legislation in conflict with them.

Article XI Amendments

    Sec. 1. Amendments to this Constitution must be presented in writing at a meeting of the Executive Board.  To be adopted, an amendment must receive the vote of two thirds of the membership.

    Sec. 2. Amendments to the Constitution require two meeting to be ratified.

Article XII Ejection from a Contest (CIF Section Rule 503.3 & 503.4)

    Make ejection appeals to the Sac-Joaquin Section.

XIII Sportsmanship Guidelines for Sports Without Officials

    Sec. 1. Any competitor who uses unsportsmanlike or unacceptable conduct shall be disqualified.  Examples of unsportsmanlike or unacceptable conduct include the following: conduct which is unethical or dishonorable, including cheating; action and/or language which will bring discredit to the individual or his school; disrespectfully addressing a coach or authorized adult; willful and/or repeated failure to follow the directions of a coach or authorized adult; and throwing of clubs or rackets.  Specific sports may decide that additional activities or actions are unsportsmanlike, pending approval by the TVL Board of Managers.

    Sec. 2. If a coach (or authorized adult) observes an unsportsmanlike or unacceptable act the following procedures are to be follow:

             A. Coach or adult addresses the athlete.

             B. Notify the other coach(es) involved in the contest.

             C. The coaches make a determination if the act warrants disqualification.
                   a. If the answer is no, then a warning will be issued as appropriate.
                   b. If  the answer is yes, then the athlete may not participate any further in that contest and will be disqualified from the next contest.
                   c. If there is a disagreement, then the athlete will be allowed to compete pending review and decision by the TVL Review Board.  Such decision may affect the result of the contest as well as the contest eligibility of the athlete.

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