I.  Starting Times:  Junior Varsity games will start at 5:00 p.m.  Varsity games will start 30 minutes after the end of the JV  game but not before 7:00 p.m.  Frosh/Soph games or scrimmages are scheduled at sites opposite the Varsity on Thursday.  Starting time to be determined by home team.

II.  Official Ball:  A ball authorized by CIF for play will be allowed.

III.  Number of Officials: Five (5) officials will be assigned for all league JV and Varsity games.  Four (4) officials may be scheduled for Frosh/Soph games.  Refer to TVL Constitution-General Policies #17

IV.  Color of Jerseys:  The home team will wear color (dark); the visiting team will wear light, except by mutual agreement.

V.  Timer:  The timer must be an adult.

VI. League teams shall participate as per Sac Joaquin Section Bylaws:
Article 5. General Rules   504 Season of Sport
'Limited Period" dates vary from year to year.

VII.  Length of Quarters and Timing:  JV games will be 4 ten (10) minute quarters; Varsity, 4 twelve (12) minute quarters.  There shall be a “running clock” when the point differential reaches 35 or more in the 4th quarter as per Section Rule 1908 or by mutual agreement.

VIII.  Number of Games:  No member school may play more than ten (10) games per season, excluding playoffs.

IX.  Game Procedure:  Football teams in league competition have the field (20) minutes before kickoff.  Administrators are to notify the visiting school of any deviation from standard procedures.

X.  Playoff Representation: The Universal Tie-Breaker as per Sac Joaquin Section Rules will be followed to determine seeds to the section playoffs.

XI.  Game Tie Breaker:  As per Sac Joaquin Section Rules the tiebreaker system published in the National Federation Rulebook will be in force for all TVL games.  The winner of the contest based on the tie breaker criteria will receive a win in the TVL standings.  No ties will be recorded in those standings.  The official score will be the score after the tie is broken.  (11/00)

XII. Frosh/Soph Scrimmages or games:

     A.  Frosh/Soph teams will play scrimmages unless by mutual agreement they decide to play a game. Scrimmages will be conducted in accordance with the Frosh Scrimmage Format.

     B.  Schools wishing to play a game must notify the other school no later than the Tuesday of the week their contest is scheduled.  Both teams must agree on a game.

XIII.  Frosh/Soph Scrimmage Format
     A.  Putting the ball in play.
          1. A coin toss will determine which team has first possession of the ball, and which goal line each team will defend.
          2. The team who has the first offensive possession will put the ball in play on its own 35 yard line.  This procedure will replace the kick off on all occasions.
     B.  Time Structure
          1. Four 15 minute quarters of running time will constitute a scrimmage.
          2. After the 1st and 3rd quarters, a 5 minute break will be observed.
          3. After the 2nd quarter, a 10 minute break will be observed.
     C.  Continuance of play:  The offensive team will maintain possession of the ball until any of the following occur.
          1. The ball is turned over to the defensive team by way of a fumble or interception .  The defensive team will take over possession at the point of recovery or return.
          2. If a first down is not achieved in four attempts, the defensive team will take over possession at that pint.
          3. The offensive team elects to punt on any down.  To replace an actual punt the ball will be turned over to the defensive team at a point 25 yards down field, but not inside the 15 yard line.
     D.  Miscellaneous
          1. No score will be kept.
          2. There will be no called time outs.
          3. Coaches must be on the field.

XIV. Awards:  Refer to TVL Constitution, Financial Section-III Awards

Honorable Mention:  Only those student athletes receiving a nomination (according to the bylaws for each sport) for all league shall be considered honorable mention.  There will be no additional nominations for this honor. 

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