I. The Valley Foothill League consists of thirteen (13) schools - two (2) divisions:
North Division – Seven(7) Teams        South Division – Six(6) Teams
Argonaut                                             Hilmar
Bret Harte                                           Hughson
Calaveras                                            Gustine
Escalon                                               Modesto Christian
Linden                                                 Mountain House
Ripon                                                  Orestimba
Sonora                                                Ripon Christian
Summerville                                        Riverbank

II. League Championship Tournament:
The league will sponsor a League Tournament upon completion of the season. The host school will be determined on a year-by-year rotation, with each school taking turns. The tournament site may be held at the home course of a participating school, but attempts should be made to have the tournament at a neutral site.

III. Tournament Rotation
North Division                                    South Division
2014    Escalon                                   Hughson
2015    Linden                                     Riverbank
2016    Ripon                                      Mountain House
2017    Modesto Christian                   Orestimba
2018    Sonora                                    Ripon Christian
2019    Bret Harte                               Hilmar
2020    Calaveras                                Gustine
IV. Mid Year Tournament:
The league will sponsor a Mid Year Tournament that will be ran the same as the League Championship Tournament. It will be hosted as a group at sites determined on a year-to-year basis. All League points as well as team points will be the same format as the League Tournament.

V. League Champions:
League Champions will be determined by a point system based on wins during regular league matches (2 pts.), the Mid Year Tournament, and the League Tournament. Mid Year and League Tournament: 2 pts will be awarded for each team you defeat, ties split the points.

VI. Matches Ending in Ties:
In case of ties, score cards will be matched for the top four scores starting on the #1 handicapped hole and continue to the #2 handicapped hole until a winner is determined. If a team has a tie within their top 4 scores, the highest ranked player’s score will be used.

VII. Division V Tournament Qualifiers:
The North, a seven (7) team league will send three (3) teams and six (6) individuals to the Division V Tournament. The South, a six (6) team league will send two (2) teams and six (6) individuals to the Division V Tournament. The teams accumulating the highest point totals from league matches, the Mid Year Tournament and the League Tournament will qualify for the Division V Tournament. In addition, the four (4) individuals with the lowest all league averages from the year and the top two (2)individual scores from the League Tournament, will also qualify.

VIII. All League and MVP Selection:
All-League honors will be based on individual points awarded for matches between league opponents and the league tournament. The player with the highest point total and vote of the coaches will be the League MVP with the next nine (9) earning All-League honors.
Points for Matches
Low Gross        6 points
2nd Low Gross        5 points
3rd Low Gross        4 points
4th Low Gross         3 points
5th Low Gross        2 points
6th Low Gross        1 point
League Tournaments
Low Gross        12 points
2nd Low Gross        11 points
3rd Low Gross        10 points
4th Low Gross        9 points
5th Low Gross        8 points
6th Low Gross        7 points
7th Low Gross        6 points
8th Low Gross        5 points
9th Low Gross        4 points
10th Low Gross        3 points
11th Low Gross        2 points
12th Low Gross         1 point
Ties: If any golfers tie, they would each receive points. Example; three players tie for Low Gross, they would each receive six (6) points, the next lowest score would receive five (5) points and so on.
The player receiving the highest point total will be designated Most Valuable Player (MVP). The next nine (9) with the highest point total will be considered All-League. Coach of the Year will be determined by a vote of the coaches.

IX. Matches:
Matches will begin at 3:30 p.m.  Rainouts will be declared by the home team.  A match will be considered completed if five (5) holes have been played by each team.  Use of summer or winter rules and appropriate tees for the ladies will be decided by the host team.

X.  Rules of Play: 
All League play will be governed by U.S.G.A., N.C.G.A., and C.I.F.

XI. Number of Strokes:
The league will use a 10 stroke maximum for each hole played in a match.

XII. Coaching:
Coaches may give advice to players during a match.  A certified coach must accompany the players on/at the course during the match.

XIII. Pull Carts:
The VFL permits the use of pull carts for all players.

XIX. Grievances/Protests/Disqualifications:
All problems should be handled by the coaches of the teams involved.  If a decision is not agreed upon, the local golf professional will settle the dispute. If there is not a golf professional available the coaches must both agree to email or call the league commissioner giving the specifics of the incident. The league commissioner will be in contact with two (2) representatives from the other division to decide what action to take.

XV. Advice:
Teammates may give advice to each other in the same foursome but must refrain from giving advice to another teammate in a separate foursome.

XVI. Misconduct Rules:
Immediate disqualification and forfeit of play in the next match 
A. Cheating
B. Throwing clubs and golf balls
C. Obscene or vulgar language
D. Smoking or chewing tobacco at site or match
E. Defacing or destroying club property
F. Cell phones not turned off during match play

XVII. Etiquette Guidelines:
A. Paper, bottles, etc are to be discarded in trash containers
B. Divots are to be replaced, ball marks repaired on the greens and all bunkers need to be raked
C. Players may help each other find golf balls
D. Players should avoid walking in front of players when they are taking a shot
E. Scores are to be recorded at the end of each hole
F. Players are expected to remain at the clubhouse area after all matches.

XVIII. Code of Conduct for Spectators and Parents:
A. Stay off all fairways and greens during play.
B. Remain 30 yards away from all players.
C. Do not carry golfers’ bags or clubs during competition.
D. No electronic devices allowed on course during play, including cell phones.
E. MAY NOT help spot or find balls.
F. Do not talk to any golfers during competition.
G. Must be reserved when acknowledging a good shot.

XIX. Awards:
A. Awards will be purchased by the school earning them. 
B. League Championship Banner
C. Individual Low Gross League Tournament Champion Medal
D. MVP and nine (9) All League certificates
E. TVL Awards:  League Championship tournament Awards: Winning team of the league championship tournament will receive 6 medals, 1 for each member of the team.  Ties will be broken by the 6th players score.  If a tie still remains, then matching score cards.* The individual with the lowest score from the league championship tournament will receive the Individual Tournament Medal.  If there is a tie for the Individual Tournament Medal it will be broken by Matching Score Cards.*

XX. Forfeiture:
-All schools in the VFL are expected to participate in a scheduled match, Mid Year Tournament and League Tournament whether they have a full team or not.  For example, if a school only has three players, they are expected to compete against the school with a full team of six players.  This contest would be considered a forfeit; however, all players would earn All League points.
-In the event that a postponed match can’t be made up and the match has an effect on the league champions or team advancement to Divisionals, the match will be played on the first available date after the league tournament.

XXI. League teams shall participate as per Sac Joaquin Section Bylaws:
Article 5. General Rules   504 Season of Sport
"Limited Period" dates vary from year to year.

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