Trans Valley League

Article I Rotation of League President

Hughson                      2014-15, 15-16
Riverbank                    2016-17, 17-18
Hilmar                         2018-19, 19-20
Escalon                       2020-21, 21-22
Ripon                          2022-23, 23-24
Modesto Christian       2024-25, 25-26
Mountain House          2026-27, 27-28

Article II Scholar/Athlete

    Sec. 1. The following criteria will be used for selecting two scholar/athlets from each school.
             A. Senior

             B. Minimum 3.3 GPA on the State College System (grades 10,11,12 not including PE) for grades through the first semester.

             C. One boy and one girl from each school.

             D. Earn at least one varsity letter during senior year.

             E. There will be no use of weighted honor grades.

    Sec. 2. Each school may select up to twenty (20) scholar athletes per school year.  Candidates will have a minimum state college GPA of 3.5 and be a varsity athlete.  The League will supply patches to be presented at the individual schools.   Additional  Scholar Athlete Patches may be purchased by individual schools at $2.08 each.

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