Trans Valley League
Rules, Regulations and Policies

1. Meetings:

League meetings are held once a month or as needed.  The initial meeting will be in August and the final in May of each school year.  The site will rotate among the league schools.  Students may be included in two meetings per year.

2. Ties for League Championship:

Ties for championship will remain.  Co-championships will be declared.  There will be no playoffs. (Playoff representation information can be found in the individual sport rules)

3. Scheduled Games:

A school must field a team for all scheduled games.  Games not played or delayed because of events beyond the control of the responsible administrative authority will be rescheduled or started late by mutual consent of the coaches.  If the game is not played or rescheduled, the matter may be referred to the TVL Protest Committee and handled like any other protest.  In case of football facility failures, the game should be played on the Saturday following, if possible.

Games interrupted because of events beyond the control of the responsible administrative authority will be continued from the point of interruption unless teams agree otherwise, or there are conference, league or state association rules that apply.

Any game suspended by a power failure should be played the next day.  After a wait of 45 minutes, mutual agreement by the principals or designees may declare a winner.

4. Administrative Supervision:

The host school is to provide the necessary security and administrative supervision for all TVL contests.  For football games and boys basketball games, schools must be represented by an administrator or designee.  For other night events the home school is to provide an administrator or designee who is not the coach of the game in progress.  Supervision should also be provided for other contests where there is potential for distruption.  Host school supervisors shall make themselves known and contact the visiting supervisor upon his/her arrival.  The visiting supervisor shall seek their counterpart and introduce themselves upon arrival at their host school.

5. League Sports:

If half or more of the schools on the varsity level participate in a given sport, that sport becomes a league sport.  Exception: "Half the schools participating" and "Seven (7) wrestlers necessary for a team" rules are waved for girls wrestling for the year 2018-19,  (Refer to Girls Wrestling rules)

6. Scheduling:

All schedules will be adopted on a two year basis.  The second year's schedule is to reverse the location, but use comparable dates with adjustments as needed.

7.  Classification:

    A. Varsity--Open competition, except that students less than 15 years of age may not play varsity football. (May be appealed.  See Section Rules)
    B. Junior Varsity--Open to students that are either freshmen, sophomores or Juniors in school standing.  Frosh/Soph--Open to students that are freshmen and Sophomores.
    C. A student has 4 years of continuous eligibility from the time he is enrolled as a freshmen.  No student will be eligible for frosh/soph competition after his forth semester of enrollment.
    D. The following regulations apply for freshemen, sophomores or juniors moving between varsity and non varsity;
        a. There will be no restrictions on moving a participant up and down, except that the athlete may not participate at more than one level per day.

8. Participation:

    A.  It is always illegal for a student to participate in more than one classification in any one day.
    B.  In any sport when both individual and teams qualify for section competition, an individual from a league school which does not field a team in that sport may qualify for competition in the league qualifying contest by the following:
        Compete in a minimum of two (2) league contests prior to the league qualifying contest.  The athlete will compete in these contests unattached and will not score points or affect the outcome of the league contest.
       An athlete in the league qualifying contest who has qualified under the provisions of this section can not score points in the league qualifying contest or affect the team outcome of this contest.  The Athletic Director of the athlete's school will make arrangements in advance for the athlete to compete in league and qualifying contests.  Individual sports representatives will be responsible for developing regulations to allow for this provision to function.
    C.  Individual exceptions will be handled by the TVL Executive Board.

9. Penalty for Rule Violations:

Any school that cleary violates league rules will have to forfeit said league contests as determined by the TVL Executive Board.

10.  Cancellation of Games Because of Fog:

    A.  If either school determines that a game should be postponed, that school should make every effort to notify the opposing school by 2:00 p.m.
    B.  If a game is canceled because of fog, it will be rescheduled for the first possible date (time mutually agreed upon by the schools involved) following the cancellation.
    C. The TVL President is to be notified of canceled games.

11.  Lightning:

Coaches, Athletic Directors and Administrators shall be aware of the dangers of lightning.  Games are to cease and all are to take cover when danger presents itself.  MCAA rule: "Hear it, fear it.  See it, flee it."

12.  Starting Times:

Refer to individual sports sections.

13. Face Paint and Noisemakers:
Students attending TVL sporting events may not wear masks, face paint or any object that obstructs the ability of school officials to identify a student.  Bandanas or hairnets shall not be worn.
All decisions regarding appropriate dress are at the discreting of administrators and school officials and are not limited to this policy.
Artificial noisemakers at indoor events are prohibited, except for organized pep bands and pep squads in uniform.  This includes megaphones by people in the stands.
Home schools may set up tunnels.  Visiting schools no tunnels.

14.  Non League Schools:

A non TVL school may be approved for league competition by the TVL Executive Board.

15.  Cheerleaders:

Each Home school may set rules and limits for cheerleaders during basketball games.

16.  Rules:

All CIF rules will prevail, except where the league is more restrictive.

17.  17. Season of Sport

League teams shall participate as per Sac Joaquin Section Bylaws:
Article 5. General Rules   504.9 Season of Sport
The following exception are in effect for the Trans Valley League: 
1.  Pitchers and Catchers may early start as stated in Section Bylaw Article 5 General Rules
504.9 Preseason Dead Periods #3.  Note: Pitcher and Catchers.
2.  "Limited Period" dates vary from year to year.

18.  Officials

The TVL approved number of officials required to conduct a contest is as follows:
    Football:  Varsity & JV will have at least 4
                    Frosh and Frosh/Soph will have at least 3
    Basketball: Varsity will have at least 2
                      JV will have at least 1
                      Frosh and Frosh/Soph will have at least 1
    Volleyball will have at least 1
    Wrestling will have at least 1
    Softball will have at least 1
    Baseball will have at least 1
    Soccer will have at least 1

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