I.  Rules:  The Official High School Soccer Rules published by the National Federation of State High School Associations will be used.

II. Start of Practice:  League teams may begin team practices as per Sac Joaquin Section Rules.

III. Game Starting Times: Boys and girls varsity games will start at 3:30 p.m.   Evening games may be scheduled by mutual agreement of competing schools.   When playing back to back on the same field, varsity first if the field is not lighted, JV first if the field is lighted.

IV. Length of Games:  Games will consist of two 40 minute halves.

V. Number of Officials:  Two officials will be assigned for each league game.  Games may be played with only one official if only one assigned official shows up.

VI. Tournaments:  League teams will not be allowed to play in post season tournaments except for CIF playoffs.

VII. The National Federation approved Red Card System will be used.  In all contests including payoffs, schools with Red Carded players are to notify their next opponent of the player not eligible to play.

VIII. The Red Card Rule for players will also apply to coaches.

IX. Format for league representation to Section playoffs is:
    A. Points will be assigned to each win, tie or loss as follows:
    Win-3  Tie-1  Loss-0
    The team having the greater total points will be the first place representative to the Section playoffs.  Second most, second representative and third most the third     representative.
    B. Tie breaker:  If a tie still exists for first, second or third place after points have been assigned for wins, ties and losses as described above in (a).
        1. head to head
        2. goal differential:  goals for, head to head
        3. goal differential:  goals against, head to head
        4. Use the MaxPreps team ranking.
        5. If a tie still exists, the Commissioner shall break the tie with a coin flip.

X.  Awards:  Refer to TVL Constitution-Financial Section III Awards

XI. Honorable Mention:  Only those student athletes receiving a nomination
(according to the bylaws for each sport) for all league shall be considered
honorable mention.  There will be no additional nominations for this honor.

XII. League teams shall participate as per Sac Joaquin Section Bylaws:
Article 5. General Rules   504 Season of Sport
"Limited Period" dates vary from year to year.

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