I.  Practice, first scrimmage and games start as per Sac Joaquin Section Rules.

II.  Team Format:  A team will consist of the following classifications: #1 boys singles,  #2 boys singles, #1 girls singles, #2 girls singles, #1 boys doubles, #2 boys doubles, #1 girls doubles, #2 girls doubles  and one mixed doubles.  Fourteen players per team, seven boys and seven girls.  A match will consist of nine contests involving the above classifications.  No athlete may compete in more than one classification during a league match.

III.  Starting Time:  Introductions and warm ups will begin at 3:15.  The starting time for league matches will be 3:30 p.m.

IV.  Scheduled Games:  Games canceled because of events beyond the control of the responsible administrative authority, will be rescheduled at the earliest possible date.  Games interrupted because of events beyond the control of the responsible administrative authority will be continued from the point of interruption unless the teams agree otherwise, or unless there are conference, league or state association rules that apply.

V.  USTA rules will apply in all league matches.

VI.  Ball used in play will be Championship Penn, Wilson or Dunlop.

VII.  Singles matches are to be best 2 of 3 sets.  In case either of the first two sets reaches six-all, a twelve point tie breaker will be played. (first to 10, must win by 2) 
First half of the season:  If a third set is necessary, it will be decided by an eighteen point super-tie breaker. (first to 10, must win by 2)
Second half of the season:  a third set will be played by the #1 singles, #1 doubles and mixed doubles, instead of an 18 point tie breaker.
Number 2 singles and number 2 doubles will play as above but continue to play an 18 point tie breaker for a third set throughout the season.

VIII.  Time Limits:  CIF Section Playoff Rules

IX.  Coaching:  CIF Section Playoff Rules

X.  Scoring:  CIF Section Playoff Rules

XI.  Player Movement:  The four (4) best players on each team (4 boys and 4 girls) are to be locked in for each half of the league season and may only play as #1 singles, #2 singles, #1 doubles or mixed doubles.  They may be moved among these four positions from match to match.  These locked players must fill all the singles positions.  Two must play at #1 singles and #2 singles, the other two may play #1 doubles or one at #1 doubles and one at mixed doubles.
Each coach must send by email to all other coaches in the league, the names of the 4 players to be locked in for the first half of the season, 5 days before the first league match.  For the second half of the league season, each coach is to send to each other, their designees as top four players, five days before the first match of the second round of league play.
If one of these four players is unable to play because of injury, illness, ineligibility, left school, quit, was removed from the team or similar reason, two of the remaining three must fill the singles positions.  Another player on the team may fill in the 4th spot at #1doubles or mixed doubles and may be switched between the two from match to match.  If two designated players cannot play for the above mentioned reasons, the remaining two players must fill the singles spot spots. In this case anyone else from the rest of the team may fill any of the doubles or mixed doubles spots.

XII.  Conduct:  Each coach is responsible for his/her team’s court conduct and discipline during all matches.  During a match, if foul language or unsportsmanlike conduct occurs the player’s coach will first issue a warning.  A second occurrence during the match will result in a default.  It is also the responsibility of each coach to teach his or her players the rules of the game, proper court etiquette, and care for the facilities of the other schools.

XIII.  Line Judges:  A player may request the opposing coach to serve as a lines judge.   It is the duty of the line judge to make a ruling only on those calls that are questioned by a player or doubles team.

XIV.  League Tournament:  Upon conclusion of league play, a final league tournament will be held. Rent for a venue to be paid for by the TVL with TVL Approval.  A meeting is to be called by the Tennis Rep to determine All League selections and seed the Tournament.   Each team will be permitted to enter two players in each singles event and two teams in each doubles event.  The events will include, boys Singles, Girls Singles, Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles and Mixed Doubles.
A. Qualification:  Any player who has participated on a school team during the regular season is permitted to play in the tournament.  Players may be moved out of an event that they have played during the regular season and into another event at the discretion of the coach and the player.  Coaches should note that the changing of events may affect a player’s or team’s seeding in their particular event.  Singles players that do not qualify for the finals are eligible to play again in the doubles competition.  If a player makes it to the finals in singles, then he/she is NOT eligible to play in the doubles competition.
B. Seeding:  The coaches will determine at least the top four seeds in each event.  The remainder of the draw will be filled out by random draw.  Two players or two doubles teams from the same school may not be bracketed together, but must be put in opposite ends of the bracket.

XV. Qualifying for Section Playoffs
A. Individuals:  The place finish in each event in TVL Tournament play will determine seeding and advancement to Section play.  In the event of an injury or other problem that may prohibit a qualified player from attending the Section Tournament, the league coaches will resolve the problem.
B. Team:  The final TVL match play standings will determine seeding to the Section Team Tournament.
             Tie breaker progression:
             1. The best head to head record within the tie shall advance and/or  receive the higher seed.
             2. Highest cumulative team scores regarding teams involved in the Tie. (i.e. A7-B2, B6-A3=A10-B8  A advances/higher seed)
             3. Most set wins regarding teams involved in the tie.
             4. Coin flip if all coaches involved agree.
             5. Coaches involved may agree on seeding
             6. If still tied a play off match, if time allows, on a neutral court at the earliest possible date will
                 decide who advances and/or has the highest seed.

XVI.  Newspaper Coverage:  It is the responsibility of the home coach to contact the Modesto Bee and give them the scores.  The number is 578-2300 after 4:00 p.m.

XVII.  All League Selections:  Players are to earn points in league play as per the following:
A. A win in #1 boys and girls singles receives 3 points. A loss receives 1 point.
B.  A win in #2 boys and girls singles, #1 boys and girls doubles  receives 2 points.  Winning #2 doubles, 1 point. Mixed doubles 1 point. A loss receives no points.
C.  A win in #2 boys and girls doubles receives 1 point.  A loss receives no points. Tennis may award All League honors to the top 28 point earners as per the league formula: 14 starters x 2=28.  Any individual going 10 wins and no losses at the same level for the season is automatically all league.  There may be special awards within the 28, such as Most Valuable Player-Girls, Most Valuable Player-Boys, Most Outstanding Player-Girls, Most Outstanding Player-Boys.  The coaches may vote to decide which special awards to give each year.  These special awards recipients may be nominated by their coach from among the top 3 point earners and voted on by the coaches via secret ballot.  (Note: The players’ point totals are to be emailed to the Tennis Rep prior to the all league meeting so that he can have a compiled list for everyone.  This will facilitate seeding and all league selections)
Honorable Mentions may be awarded, but recipients must have played in at least 6 of the 12 league matches and have at least 6 wins during the league season.

XVIII  Awards:  Refer to TVL Constitution—Financial Section-III Awards.

XIX. Season of Sport
League teams shall participate as per Sac Joaquin Section Bylaws:
Article 5. General Rules   504 Season of Sport
"Limited Period" dates vary from year to year.

Basec Match Format
1. Nine matches: Boys singles #1(BS1), Girls singles #1(GS1), Boys singles #2(BS2), Girls singles #2(GS2), Boys duobles #1(BD1), Girl dubles #1(GD1), Mix doubles (M), Boys doubles #2(BD2), Girls Doubles #2(GD2).
2. Besgt of 2 out of 3 sets, no add scoring.  7 point tie breaker at 6 all.
3. Follow section format in regards to boys and girls ladders.  Two of top three must play singles with #1 never allowed to play #2 singles.  One difference from sections, we allow a forfeit in a spot where one of the top three could play if that player is absent.
4. Your laddder must be sent to all coaches and league commissioner prior to the first league match and a new laddder for the second half prior to first second half match
5. Substitutions in doubles #2.  The subs can be after a completre cycle, (every four games) or at the beginning of a new set.  No subs in all other matches.
6. All match results must be text or emailed to the other coaches and the league commissioner asap.  Simply take a picture and do a group text.
7. In case of a postponed match due to rain or some conflict, the two schools involved work out a new date and contact the league commissioner. 

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