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August 1  Fall Sports Practice Begins

August 5  School results forms discussed with league commissioners at their August meetng

Tues. Aug. 9 League Commissioners Mtg  Section Office 10 a.m.

Friday, Aug 12  Fall Sports First Scrimmage

Tuesday, Aug. 16 TVL Meeting Hughson 9:00 a.m.

Wed. Aug. 17  Admin Workshop

Thurs. Aug. 18 Frosh Football First Contest

Fri. Aug 19 First Fall Sport Contest

Mon. Aug. 22 Foundation Girls Volleyball Games

September 1  Nominations for realignment committee are due from League Commissioners.  Each league is to nominate one Athletic Director and one Administrator--submission of nominations require a one page resume.  Due 9/9/22

September 7 BOM Agenda

September 15 Leagues will discuss to determine who they will support for the realignment commttee.

Tues. Sept. 20 TVL Meeting
September 21 School results form is due to your league commissioner
September 30 All members "School results form" are due to the Section office.
Voting for realignment committee takes place at the Board of Managers meeting.  The realignment committee shall consist of the following (ANY INDIVIDUAL WHO SERVES ON THE REALIGNMENT COMMITTEE CANNOT ALSO BE A MENBER OF THE BOSARD OF MANAGERS.
     Two co-chairpersons
    One executive committee member
    Two principals from the north
    Two principals from the south
    One athletic director from the north
    One athletic director from the south
    Two at-large positions (chosen by executive committee after election is completed)
    Section Commissioner

Wed. Sept. 14  BOM Materials Out

Wed  Aug 28 New AD’s Workshop

Wed. Oct. 5  Board of Managers Meeting Realignment Committee elections

Mon. Oct. 10 Winter Sports Dead Period Begins

Wed. Oct 26 New AD Workshop

Mon. Oct. 31 Winter Sports Practice Starts

Fri. Nov 11 Winter Sports First Scrimmage

Fri. Nov. 18 First Winter Sports Contest

Mon. Nov. 28 Foundation Basketball Games



Wednesday, January 4  Realignment Meeting

Wed. Jan. 11 BOM Materials Out

Mon. JN. 16 Spring Sports Dead Period Begins
Wednesday, January 17 Realignment Meeting

Mon. Jan. 30 First Day of Practice Baseball/Softball

Wed. Feb 1  Board of Managers Mtg

Mon. Feb 6 Spring Sports practice Starts

Tues. Feb. 7 Realignment Meeting

Fri. Feb. 17 First Spring Sports Scrimmage

Tues, February 28 Realignment Meeting

Tues., March 7 Realignment Meeting
Tues., March 21 Realignment Meeting
Monday, March 27 Submit a final proposal to the member schools for a vote


April 3  Voting ballots are due to the Section office.

Tues. April 4 League Commissioners Meeting 10 a.m.  BOM Materials Out
April 18  BOM vote on realignment committee proposal
April 2023-June 2024 Schools will have this period of time to meet with their new leagues and re-organize




Mon.. June 12  BOM Material Out

Wed June 21 Board Of Managers Mtg

August New realignment officially begins

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